Discover the best tricks to inspire a preschooler to draw

astuces pour inciter un enfant d'âge préscolaire à dessiner

Drawing develops manual skills and prepares the child's hand to learn to write. These simple exercises, like coloring pictures or creating your own compositions, teach you how to hold a pencil or pen correctly. What if your little one isn't interested in drawing? How do you get a preschooler to draw? What should not be done while the child is drawing? Discover each of these answers in the rest of this guide!

How do you get a preschooler to draw?

Drawing with ordinary crayons can be boring for a preschooler. If at first he was interested in colors, then he tried to come up with something himself or even simple colored images, then over time he ceased to be interested. Sometimes children need stronger stimuli, stimulate their imagination or simply show what can be done and how.

How to Get a Preschooler to Draw: Motivation is the Key to Success

La motivation est la clé du succès

Place the child in a high chair at the table, place a sheet of paper and a box of pencils in front of him, then go about his own activities - cooking, cleaning, ironing, computer work or other - n is not appropriate because the toddler may say that no one is interested in what he is doing. So why bother?

One motivation can be to inspire your little one with your own enthusiasm. Show that you can create your own magical world with crayons or paints. Drawing with your child, even if they're just sitting and watching, is a great start. Encouraged and motivated by the works created, they will sooner or later want to try it for themselves. This is one of the simple ways to inspire a preschooler to draw.

We can also create a gallery at home. It will be a place where the toddler's works will be visible to all. To hang works, you can use a corkboard or a magnetic board, but also a string and clothespins. The gallery of the little artist will motivate him to act.

Also, don't forget to put in his tools, the magic pens, because it can make him curious. interested in drawing. Indeed, magic pens are one of the materials that can develop creativity in children. This magic pen is available at draw’n drop in different colors. This tool is able to inspire a preschooler to draw. Plus, it can stimulate your child's sensory development.

Drawing doesn't have to be boring

The preschooler will be impressed when we give them a large cardboard box of paper on which they can create their artwork. With unlimited space, they can use all their imagination and put it on paper. An interesting idea for the really stubborn can be finger painting. So drawing becomes not only a good exercise for little fingers, but also a lot of fun.

You can also use pads for painting. Because it can really inspire a preschooler to draw. They give the picture an extraordinary look and also make the toddler curious about the effect they will give when dipped in paint. If we have an old mirror, which we do not wish to sacrifice for higher purposes, we can give the child the idea of ​​painting something on the glass. An additional attraction can be pouring glitter on the image created using paints. Another idea might be to make a design with a glue stick and then sprinkle colored glitter on the paper at the end. The effect may surprise us.

Children discouraged by the mere sight of a large piece of white paper can be given sheets of colored paper. The blue card can motivate you to create an underwater world full of fish and other creatures. Green can be a forest land full of fairies, and yellow - a desert landscape where camels walk.

Drawing outdoors

A place where a child can develop their painting skills is also a garden, yard or playground. Drawing with chalk on the sidewalk is an activity that we remember from our childhood. You can also draw on the ground with a stick or with your fingers on the sand. The patterns thus created - circles, lines, waves - give a lot to the little hand and show that you can create in different ways.

What should not be done while the child is drawing?

astuces pour inciter un enfant d'âge préscolaire à dessiner

First of all, it's important to remember that criticism does not motivate young children. If we point out errors in a child's drawings, we quickly discourage them. A flower, a car, a dog or a kitten in a preschooler's drawing may look completely different than if it had been painted by an adult.

The child has the right to do this. He processes the image of a given object, figure or animal through his own imagination and creates his own work. So let's not criticize, let's not improve. Let's awaken the enthusiasm for the drawing and watch it unfold.

How to get a preschooler to draw: conclusion

There are several ways to encourage a preschooler to draw. However, none of these means can replace motivation. Because even as an adult, we need motivation to undertake projects that seem to be difficult for us.

A fortiori, in young children, we must arm ourselves with patience to get them to like what we think is good for their development and their mental health.

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