Drawing to relieve stress - Here's how drawing can help you relieve stress and be happier

Dessiner pour soulager le stress - Voici comment le dessin peut vous aider à soulager le stress et à être plus heureux - Drawndrop

Are you increasingly stressed by your daily life and you just can't find a moment to relax? So try drawing to relieve stress. Not only will this reduce your stress, but it will also bring you a lot of joy in the process especially if you do it with magic pens and water. This style will bring you much more joy than any other drawing techniques.

How does stress arise?

When daily life begins to overwhelm us, our body begins to produce supporting hormones so that we can become more efficient. In stressful situations, the body supplies us with cortisol, the stress hormone, so that we have enough energy to deal with the situation. In the short term, this can allow you to perform better and focus better on the task at hand. However, if the stress isn't relieved in the meantime, cortisol can have negative effects on your body, such as impaired immune function or anxiety.

Does drawing really reduce stress?

In short: yes! However, a daily schedule has also been determined. If you feel stressed, 45 minutes a day is enough to greatly reduce cortisol levels and thus significantly reduce stress levels.

Drawing stops time for you

Dessiner pour soulager le stress

But why exactly is the cortisol level going down now? It's actually quite simple. Drawing forces us to focus on something else. Through the creative process involved, we relax and begin to enjoy creating. The world around us begins to move more slowly and we forget about the stress around us.

How does drawing help deal with difficult emotions?

Drawing is also often used to channel one's emotions. If you can name your feelings, as a very simple example: “I feel like I'm sitting in a black hole”; or: "I'm in a hurry" - could you put that on paper visually. You can try to paint a way out of this situation and find a solution for yourself.

Drawing is your creative outlet

Expressing your emotions artistically can become an important part of dealing with emotional breakdowns. In the face of extremely stressful or emotionally very moving events, we can use our artistic skills as an outlet to let go of negative thoughts and make more room for the positive.

Drawing is a great hobby and you can learn it

Before you say "I'm stressed, but I can't draw at all" or "My drawings always look stupid", let me convince you that these points don't really matter.

Drawing is a wonderful hobby in itself, and something anyone can learn to do. You can simply take part in free drawing exercises or even take full drawing lessons. Even creativity can be trained through certain techniques. Nothing is stopping you from trying the method suggested by Draw’n Drop to reduce stress.

You are also not tied to any constraints or style while drawing. You don't have to draw everything photorealistic! We have cameras for that! It's just about creating something beautiful from our thoughts or imagination. So you can represent things or living beings according to your ideas and in your own style. Everything is possible in a creative process.

Boost your creativity with Magic Pens

Drawing with pens promotes creativity and brings the necessary balance in our often stressful lives. If you immerse yourself in your drawings, you create the necessary haven of peace. On the one hand, drawing with Draw’n drop magic pens gives you the opportunity to express your creativity and emotions. On the other hand, you can relieve your inner tension even when drawing everyday objects by giving your head a break from stressful thoughts. You only focus on the next shot. Concentrating on drawing makes all stress disappear, you rest.

What are the benefits of drawing in your everyday life?

The sign has the advantage that it is actually possible almost always and everywhere. Who doesn't know, even a little drawing during an intense phone call helps us to be more focused and successful.

Waiting is an emotional burden for many people. Anyway, we are always pressed for time, the insignificant waiting times make our pulse beat. It also reduces our well-being. Do not consider these moments as a waste of time in the future, but as free time to draw. Pull out your Drawn Drop Collectible Notebook and put something creative on paper. You will find that changing your perspective will permanently change your attitude and make you happier and more satisfied.

Find your focus by drawing

Concentration is of immense importance in all areas of life. Focus is defined as focusing all your energies and thoughts on finding a solution. When we can't focus on one thing, we have a hard time getting things done quickly and carefully, or even tackling projects in the first place. You are considered focused if you only do what you set out to do and don't get distracted. This mindfulness can be trained through drawing. Once you learn how to focus, dig in, and block out distractions, you can apply this to other areas of your life.

Conclusion - Drawing is a simple and effective way to relieve stress and focus

Start now and reduce your stress by drawing

Dessiner pour soulager le stress

Are you feeling stressed right now? So give drawing a chance! First of all, it's important that you come down mentally now and find some focus. Here are some free exercises you can start right now:

  • You can participate in these drawing exercises directly and without much prior knowledge
  • Draw mountains (simple exercise with great result)
  • Draw and hatch a sphere (good exercise for beginners)

If you are already familiar with drawing, then you can participate in advanced exercises:

  • Draw a feather
  • Draw clouds
  • Drawing an apple with alternating hatching
  • Draw a realistic eye

When you are a little calmer and have more free time, you can take on a project according to your abilities. For example, internalize different techniques and perspectives on a still life or try to improve your art of portrait drawing.

You can also take an online drawing course.

Whatever you decide to do during times of stress, don't put extra pressure on yourself. Pick a theme that challenges you, but doesn't set the bar too high. It doesn't always have to be the whole face with all the perfect shades, at first you can just sketch something or practice a few details.