Drawing materials for beginners: which materials to choose for a child who is new to drawing?

Matériels de dessin pour débutant

Just like a professional drawing artist, a beginner needs drawing materials for the realization of his works. Indeed, beginner drawing materials are very useful for drawing. Without them, there will be no drawing.

Furthermore, drawing images are created from a variety of materials. However, not all drawing props are of much use to someone new to drawing. This is why this article was written to present nine (09) necessary drawing instruments useful for a child beginner in drawing.

1- Felt pens are drawing materials for beginners

Matériels de dessin pour débutant

Felt pens are one of the drawing material options recommended for beginners in drawing. Indeed, felt pens do not require any effort when coloring the drawing, unlike pencils. They have amazingly bright saturated colors. Based on markers of different colors, a child who is new to drawing can color the images he has created in order to make them aesthetic. When choosing markers for a beginner, it is recommended to take not alcohol-based, but water-based. As an example, we have the draw’n drop pens. Indeed, with the draw'n drop markers, a child who is new to drawing can easily make drawings without even using a pencil.

2- Drawing materials for beginners: colored pencils

Colored pencils are absolutely safe drawing materials for children's health. They train the fine motor skills of children's fingers, thus preparing their hand for writing. For the proper use of pencils, children will need a good sharpener, with which they can independently sharpen the tips of the pencils in order to make a good coloring of their drawing.

3- Erasers

The eraser is an important tool that allows children new to drawing to erase poorly drawn outlines and details. He still reassures the child who has a primary level in drawing not to make reservations in his drawing work because he can make changes to it at any time. It is therefore necessary to introduce an eraser into the drawing materials of a child who is new to drawing.

4- Drawing kit

Matériels de dessin pour débutant

Also called drawing kit, the drawing kit is used to arrange children's drawing accessories. Like the collection notebook, it is a means of storing and transporting drawing materials. It is designed so that the child can neatly store all the tools available to him as a beginner learning to draw. Likewise, with a drawing kit, the child learns to put his belongings in order. This is the case of the draw’n drop anti-stress kits which are made in the shape of a tiger. These kits reassure the child and encourage him to put away his drawing tools without facing any difficulty. It can contain all kinds of drawing materials such as draw'n drop pens.

In addition, other pencil cases such as mini dressers and bag-shaped draw'n drop pencil cases can also play the same roles for children who are new to drawing.

5- Wax sticks are some of the best drawing materials for beginners

Wax sticks are interesting drawing materials. They are very suitable for drawing with children who are new to drawing. The peculiarity is that they are thick and it is difficult to break them. In their manufacture, a vegetable base is used. These pencils are quite useful for drawing beginners. They require no pressure and no force in their use.

6- Collectible Notebook

The draw'n drop drawing collection book is a way to preserve the artistic works made by children. It can be used as a drawing storage material to study a child's progress in the art of drawing. Similarly, it can allow the child who is new to drawing as well as the parents to keep the drawing papers instead of throwing them each time in the trash, the drawings made by the children. Also, being able to slip easily into the bag, it can be a real daily companion for your child.

7- Paper

Speaking of drawing materials for beginners, papers cannot be ignored. Indeed, a child who begins in drawing necessarily needs the sheets in order to carry out his works. Without sheets, he will not be able to learn to draw concretely. It is therefore necessary to add papers to the drawing materials of a beginner child. For example, you can offer him a 100-page notebook or provide him with alert papers, these will help him learn to draw throughout his training.

8- Draw'n Drop Mystery Box

Matériels de dessin pour débutant

Although it is a box to give away as a surprise, the draw'n drop mystery box can also be included in the drawing materials for a beginner. Just like the draw'n drop stress bags, it can be used as a storage item once the surprise items are removed.

9- Decal Paper

As its name suggests, tracing paper is a drawing tool used to trace or even make a copy of the image found in a book, on a poster and the like. It is a conditioned paper to transfer characters from a book or other documents onto a blank paper. It is present in several varieties of colors and can motivate a child to be passionate about drawing.

In short, drawing materials are extremely essential for all children who are new to drawing. Without drawing materials, a child will not be able to learn to draw or learn to color on paper or any other material on which one can draw. Thus, by giving a child these 09 drawing materials for beginners listed above, he can draw easily and effectively. However, you can add other drawing kits to those mentioned.