The best drawing kits for kids

trousses rangement dessin

Do your children try their hand at drawing? If so, you know how important our best drawing kits are to better organize their tools. There are several tips for storing these work tools for your budding artists.

As part of this article, we will share with you the most practical and suitable drawing storage kits that you can easily find on Draw'n Drop . Then, we will share with you practical storage ideas that will help you better organize the space reserved for your children to practice drawing.

Best Stress Relief Drawing Kits

Our drawing kit in anti-stress material Draw'n Drop made in the shape of a tiger allows you to be relaxed in everyday life and above all to make tidying up a moment of joy and not of drudgery. Indeed, the attention of a child is characterized by the involuntary. He still cannot control his attention and finds himself at the mercy of outside emotions. So; anti-stress material drawing kits can excited child's thinking awakening.

The Draw'n Drop pen or any other drawing tools can be easily stored here. It is available immediately and will delight your children for sure. Do not doubt its quality and opt for it now.

The Draw’n Drop pouch in the shape of a bag

If, unlike the anti-stress material storage case, you prefer bag-shaped cases, we have what you need. Our very elegant Draw’n Drop pencil case in the shape of a bag will be perfect for your children. They are indeed one of the concrete ways to teach your child to tidy up neatly and do their homework properly. It is a real product that constitutes an object guard for children.

In addition to containing their various drawing pens, the bag-shaped Draw'n Drop pencil case can hold several other items and even their Draw'n Drop drawing binder.

Apart from these best drawing storage kits, we invite you to discover other very useful storage ideas.

Mini dressers are the best drawing kits

To store their drawing tools, your child can use the drawers of mini chests of drawers. Although not as practical as the storage cases shown above, it is a storage alternative that can be useful to you in some cases. So, show a good parent by choosing this wonderful object for your child.

Using everyday tools as storage tools

Felt pens, magic pens, pencils and other drawing tools can be easily stored in some effects used daily at home. Instead of throwing away your cutlery trays, coasters or graters, for example, you can easily use them as accessories to store your children's drawing accessories.

It's a great idea that you can instill in your children so that they use their imagination and use it to give a second use to everyday objects.

Hanging pockets for storage

In the absence of or in addition to the best drawing cases, the hanging pockets are suitable for storing markers, magic pens, pencils and a whole host of creative tools. They are perfect and are one of the best options for storing your drawing effects or any other instrument suitable for their shape.

There are also transparent hanging pockets that allow you to see all the contents inside to facilitate their use when needed. All in all, you will definitely like both options as soon as they are available to you.

4 Essential Drawing Supplies for Beginners

If your child wants to learn to draw, there are various essential materials to start drawing and let their imagination run wild.

So it's time for us to tell you about the essentials for your child to start learning to draw.

1. Quality drawing pencils

Let's start with the most obvious and essential: quality drawing pencils. When it comes to drawing pencils, every learner will find a brand they connect with. There's no way to know which brand will become your favorite until you try a few.

Pencil sets are usually boxed and often include the full range of graphite grades. So you won't have to worry as soon as you have to make the purchase.

Harder graphite makes lighter marks and maintains a sharp point longer, while softer graphite makes a darker mark but requires constant readjustment. These sets give the artist the ability to work with many different brand values ​​and varieties.

However, to make it easier for you in terms of practicability, the Draw'n Drop Magic Pens are a better option. However, on our site, you will find more other best pens that you can take for your kids to make them love drawing with the pens.

2. Drawing tablet

A sketchbook is one of the most important things an artist can own. And we mean an active sketchbook, one that receives daily attention.

It's a good idea to have a sketchbook for daily practice, so it's important to choose one that's durable and has plenty of pages for all your ideas. Get a drawing pad with a hard cover so it can withstand daily use and travel.

3. Variety of erasers

Erasers are for mistakes, right? Think again ! Erasers can also be a great tracing tool. Each eraser creates a different mark and should be used as needed depending on the specific drawing.

Rubber Eraser: This is your standard eraser for erasing graphite. This eraser uses friction to remove any material from the surface.

Kneadable Eraser: This eraser lifts material from the surface, rather than using friction to remove it. It can be pulled and molded into different shapes to create specific markings.

Vinyl Erasers: This eraser is the hardest on the list. You can erase almost everything. But be careful as this can tear the paper.

4. A good pencil sharpener

Pencils should be sharpened with a quality sharpener. If you use a poor quality pencil sharpener, you could run out of pencil in seconds. Pencil sharpeners generally fall into two categories: manual and electric.


Well, there are many reasons to teach your child to draw. Choose the most consistent and encourage the young artist. While he indulges in this activity full of emotions and realism, consider offering him one of the best drawing kits as accessories: a Draw'n Drop anti-stress material kit or a kit in the shape of a bag that will certainly allow him to put seriousness and determination in what he does.

Take a moment to tell us how you currently organize the storage of the countless pencils and markers that your children use. We are very interested to know and ready to help you!