10 raisons d'encourager votre enfant à dessiner.

Every parent wants their child to grow up to be versatile, educated and successful. But all these qualities can be developed and instilled with the help of drawing ! In short, there are a lot of advantages. They include psychological nuances and vivid examples of the great achievements of many masters. But why should a child draw? Discover here 10 reasons to encourage your child to draw.

The first reason is to develop the fine motor skills of the child

10 raisons d'encourager votre enfant à dessiner.

This is certainly one of the first obvious reasons to encourage your child to draw. In the meantime, it was by means of pencil and brush; but currently, it is with magic pens that the movements of the hand become precise and coordinated. It can also be useful in areas completely unrelated to drawing - from sports to embroidery to typing messages to parents very quickly so they don't have to worry when their son or daughter stays a little longer at home. celebration.

The second reason is to improve communication with the child

Many parents do not take into account the importance, the necessity and above all the simplicity of the discussion of their children's drawings. Sometimes children who don't speak very well yet can already show you what they think and what interests them. By discussing these drawings, you will certainly understand your child better. Moreover, by talking with children about their drawings, one can easily give them new knowledge and arouse their interest in areas of life not related to painting.

The sense of composition is the third reason to teach your child to draw

10 raisons d'encourager votre enfant à dessiner.

This is very important for a versatile person and can be useful not only for artists. Understanding composition is the basis of human taste. This sense is necessary for everyone - it's no secret that about 80% of information is perceived visually, and therefore a developed taste will allow your child to better adapt to the world. Especially when it comes to drawing on water. That does not seem surprising to you, I did say draw on water. Draw'n Drop allows you to do this. A new concept that revolutionizes your children's imagination with a magic pen and water.

The fourth reason is the harmonization of the internal state of the child

In other words, "self-therapy". It's no secret that adults often misunderstand (or don't have time to understand) the complexity of their child's world. There are also emotions, stress and problems. By drawing, the child can get rid of negative thoughts, solve accumulated problems or show them to you, and get the necessary help and support.

Reason number five: the development of the child's personality

This is perhaps the main reason to teach a child to draw for parents who understand that their children have their own personality first and foremost. Teaching children to draw and paint is one of the most effective ways to raise a child different from others. A person with a unique view of the world, which can be shared.

Number six: raise awareness of cultural heritage

Drawing and painting are not only composition, color and medium, but also stories shown and told by the author. But to tell your own stories, you have to know what the other artists wanted to say with their works. This means that it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the history of the world and to be aware of events that happened hundreds and thousands of years ago.

The seventh reason to teach a child to draw is to foster patience and the ability to concentrate

Drawing is not only a game, but also painstaking work. There are not so many activities in the world which, being a game and an entertainment for children, at the same time teach them to overcome challenges and finish what they have started. After all, an unfinished drawing loses its meaning, like an endless story. However, some disagree with this argument.

The eighth reason: develop children's creative thinking

10 raisons d'encourager votre enfant à dessiner.

Drawing is perhaps the very first type of creativity, adored by all children. It is while drawing that they fantasize a lot and invent different stories. Drawing is the foundation of creative development, which will contain the building of lateral thinking and an open-minded attitude towards the world around. It can show up in the most unexpected areas of our lives. For example, a surgeon who likes to paint, distinguishes the colors of different body tissues much more precisely during the operation.

The ninth reason is very solid: drawing increases self-esteem!

This is very important for everyone, regardless of age. Remember how happy your child looks after finishing the drawing, after long and hard work. You congratulate the child, and this is a recognition, a realization of the importance of something he has done with his own hands. Pride in good work gives strength and confidence that will be useful in meeting life's challenges. And with the profusion of styles and techniques prevalent in contemporary art, anything a child draws is worthy of praise.

Number ten: more chance of success

Of course, the vast majority of children who draw do not become artists or painters. However, having all or even some of the skills mentioned above, your child will have a much better chance of succeeding in life and achieving different goals.

… Well, there are many reasons to teach your child to draw. Choose the most consistent and encourage the young artist.