Drawing, coloring and painting - this is a common artistic activity for children of all ages. Most often, toddlers and older children choose crayons, drawing pens, paints, and markers to complete their art work. The latter, due to the convenient mode of use and the intensity of the drawing, makes the drawings more expressive. But what to choose from such a wide offer available on the market and what to pay attention to when buying? We answer!

Drawing pen for a one-year-old

Draw'n drop, features the products of special types of markers, safe for younger artists. Children from 1 year old can create their first lines using a drawing pen. It is characterized by:

  •   A round tip, which ends in a pressed ball, which means that the child will not break anything and put it in his mouth.
  •   A cartridge that allows you to write from different angles.
  • Proper thickness - these pens are designed so little hands can hold the whole pen properly.
  •   Washable without using soap, which is a sign of safety, since the ingredients used are easily washable both from the child's body and from their clothes.

It is good to know when your child first encounters markers which types are suitable for younger children and which may be recommended for older children.

Pen for drawing: Interesting sets for preschoolers

Stylo pour dessiner pour un enfant

The time of preschool education is the time when the understanding of the instructions given is more conscious than in previous years. This period is also a good time to experiment with different materials used to create works of art such as a pen for drawing. Draw'n drop offers different shapes and ways to use pens to encourage parents, but especially children, to buy and use them. Interesting pen sets include:

Bath Pens

Intended mainly for children over 3 years old. The manufacturer guarantees that the materials used are safe for the child. Their tip is well finished so that nothing falls, it does not stick. Their task is above all to make bath time pleasant by drawing freely on the tiles, bathtubs or paddling pools. It's really fun for kids. Parents can be calm, felt pens can be washed well with a sponge and soap.

Bi-color pens that have two different colored tips

The purpose of this type of markers is to teach the child to harmoniously combine harmonious colors. In this way, they were combined into one enclosure. Most often, the tip has a conical shape, which makes it possible to draw fine lines and perform more precise work.

Inflatable markers

A specially created set, the task of which is not only to encourage the creation of beautiful artistic works, but also to improve the child's vocal apparatus. It's because of the way they are used. The task of the child is to blow the colors through a suitable tube and to transfer the intensity of the color with the appropriate precision and force of blowing onto a specially prepared template with cut-out elements of a specific design. This type of marker is intended for children from 4 years old.

The older the child, the more often and in a variety of ways he can perform experiments, also on an artistic basis. That is why producers, taking advantage of the strong need to learn new things in children, create various products that can help them a lot in this cognitive development.

Magic pen to develop children's imagination

School age is a time when great creative independence is formed. Children who are familiar with the world of art want to learn newer techniques and applications of existing work tools. That is why, in order to meet the expectations of children, manufacturers allow the use of certain plastic sets in practice.

One of them is, for example, the magic pens from Draw'n drop. As you know, drawing on paper is getting more and more boring. In addition, there is a lot of used paper lying around in the children's room. With Draw'n Drop everything changes: the felt and the support. A new concept that allows you to draw on water and make your child's drawing more realistic thanks to magic pens.

Working with this kit is simple and very interesting. In fact, beyond being a simple marker, the magic drawing pen from Draw'n drop allows your child to develop his imagination. In addition, the child will be able to develop his creativity by drawing on the water.

So, if your child loves to draw, this is an opportunity to offer him another way to express his feelings by buying him this magic Draw'n drop kit.

Felt pens for mixing colors

Another great idea for older kids is markers that allow you to mix colors. Pen blends are felt pens that, using a color mixing tube, allow you to create works of art in different shades and colors. The child creates in a simple, clean and safe way all color combinations, developing his imagination.

Buying good quality marker pens guarantees safe and interesting fun for children. That's why it's worth learning more about the types of pens. Then the world of visual arts will be even more pleasant and closer to young artists.

What to look out for when choosing a Pen to draw

Stylo pour dessiner

When choosing a Pen to draw, it is important to take into account two parameters namely:

Safe for children

The issue of safety is always the most important aspect to keep in mind when buying children's accessories. Child-safe markers are stationery items whose structure and color ink locked inside the pen pose no threat to a young child.

So it's worth checking whether children's markers have a vented cap. Thanks to him, it will be possible to breathe if a child swallows this small element. Another important issue is the ink, which should not contain harmful substances or alcohol. It is better if it is also odorless, but the exception here are scented pens, which are distinguished by the fact that they emit a pleasant smell during use.

Washable markers for children

Every parent has had to deal with lingering stains on a child's clothes caused by playing while drawing or painting. Pens, paints and various markers are accessories from which it is easy to get a variety of dirt not only on clothes, but also on the skin.

When choosing good markers for children, you should check if the ink they contain is washable. Thanks to this, we will avoid any problems related to the inefficient elimination of certain tasks. And the child will be able to freely use his favorite color markers.

Children's markers - recommended brands

There are several stationery manufacturers that make child-friendly accessories. They create products that are entirely suitable for use by children, so these are the brands you should pay attention to in the first place. These include companies such as Draw'n drop, which creates a series of Kids products designed specifically for children.