1 Draw&

1 Draw'n Drop + 1 Kit Stylo 3D Magique

"My kids are spending a lot less time on their screens and they're having a blast." - Dylan L.
  • The pack contains: 12 pens + 1 Porcelain spoon + 1 Draw'n drop drawing book (worth 3€) + 1 3D drawing pen + 1 USB charger + 1 User manual + 1 Model drawing + 1 cleaning needle + 1 film paper + 23 refill filaments included + premium tutorial access
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  • 6 month warranty
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  • Awakens children's creativity
  • Intelligence development aid
  • Better control of movements

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Our package contains 12 pens + 1 Porcelain spoon + 1 Draw'n drop drawing learning book (worth 3€) + 1 3D drawing pen + 1 USB charger + 1 User manual + 1 Drawing model + 1 Cleaning needle + 1 Film paper + 23 refill filaments included + Premium tutorial access

Material : PVC

Package size: 14.5cm/5.7in

Pens color : Black, Brown, Light Brown, Dark Green, Green, Dark Blue, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow, Purple)

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Develop your child's motor skills in a playful way with this perfect combo!
No more paper, Draw'n Drop revolutionizes drawing!

Drawing on paper is boring. In addition, there is a lot of used paper lying around in your child's room.

With Draw'n Drop, everything changes: the felt and the support. A new concept that allows you to draw on water and make your child's drawing more realistic. Yes, on the water! Incredible isn't it?

Go beyond imagination (with Draw'n Drop)

Draw'n Drop is more than just a marker. It's a new way for your child to develop their imagination as well as their creativity by drawing on water. Kids love to draw, and Draw'n Drop gives them a whole new way to do it and express their feelings.

Create your personalized tattoos

Tattoos aren't just for grown-ups! Thanks to the small paper films, your children have the possibility of sticking their creation on their arm after having drawn them. Get a tattoo of a giraffe, a flower or even a burger!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our high-quality ink allows the drawings to hold perfectly in water. Make sure the porcelain spoon is dry before drawing on it! 🖊️

Yes. Draw'n Drop pens are designed for children aged 3 and up! 👧

You can use printer paper to collect the drawings and then stick the tattoos on yourself 😜

Our Draw'n Drop pens are suitable for children over 3 years old. Our pens have passed toxicology and allergy testing. So you can let your kids have fun with peace of mind.

Not at all! You can use the Draw'n Drop pens in business meetings, on a whiteboard or on paper if you wish. It is very versatile and adapts to all supports.

Our pack contains 12 Draw'n Drop pens (Black, Brown, Light brown, Dark green, Green, Dark blue, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow, Purple), a spoon in porcelain as well as a drawing book.

No, just run water over your hand and rub with a little soap to remove the tattoo easily.

How to use it ?


Draw your shape on the ceramic surface then wait a few seconds for it to dry.


Gently dip the spoon into the water, tilting it slightly.


Make sure the surface of the spoon is dry to start the next drawing.

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Good markers

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