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4 Magic Writing Notebooks - Draw'n Drop

"My 4-year-old son loves practicing number tracing and the magic ink is having a great effect" - Louise G.
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📦 The pack contains: 4 magic notebooks + 1 magic pen + 5 magic ink refills + 1 pen holding grip

🚚 1-2 working days and free
🎁 -10% right now
🏆 6-month warranty
✅ Money-back guarantee (30 days)

✅ Significantly improves writing
✅ Infinitely usable notebook
✅ Better control of movements
✅ Improves concentration

Our warehouses located throughout France allow us to provide you with fast and free delivery between 1 and 3 working days.

Our packaging contains 4 magic notebooks (Alphabet, Mathematics, Number, Drawing), 1 magic pen, 5 ink refills, 1 grip

Material: White cardboard

Package size: 130mm x 190mm

Language: French

Number of notebooks: 4

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Does your child have trouble forming numbers and letters?

Letter in the wrong direction, difficulty linking letters to each other or difficulty writing while respecting the lines of the notebook, the first steps of a child in the world of writing ne are never simple.

Help your children radically improve their handwriting with our revolutionary Magic Writing Notebooks !

Our magic writing notebooks allow your child to resolve writing problems such as:

  • Illegible writing
  • Holding the pen
  • Difficulty forming numbers and letters
  • Fight dyslexia
  • Combat concentration disorders

According to a study, the frequency of dysgraphia (disorder that affects handwriting and its tracing) represents approximately 10% of school-age children. Our doctor-recommended magic calligraphy books help stimulate your child's learning through repetition alone. It also allows you to work on maintaining the pen thanks to a grip provided in our pack.

Learning while having fun infinitely

Our magic notebooks are made up of magic pens with invisible ink that fades after about fifteen minutes. Thus, your child will be able to use his magic notebooks throughout his schooling infinitely. A fun way to learn to form letters and numbers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for each pack purchased, we provide you with 5 magic ink refills.

The dimensions of our notebooks are 19 x 18 x 2.4 centimeters

All our magic notebooks are only produced in French for the moment.

Our Draw'n Drop pens are suitable for children over 3 years old. Our pens have passed toxicology and allergy testing. So you can let your kids have fun with peace of mind.

With each order placed, you receive 4 magic notebooks for drawing, the alphabet, mathematics and numbers. The most complete kit to improve your child's writing in a fun way!

It takes 15 minutes for the ink to disappear from the notebook. No need for an eraser or other erasers.

The pack contains: 4 magic notebooks, 1 magic pen, 5 ink refills and 1 grip.