The magic AquaBook - Draw'n Drop

📦 The pack contains: AquaBook + 1 Water pen

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"Hours of fun for the kids... Thank you so much!"- Alice G.
⭐ Entertains the child for hours
⭐ Unplugs the screens
⭐ Awakens children's creativity

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Material: Cardboard / plastic

Weight: 104g

Package size: 14.5cm/ 5.7in

Number of notebooks: 6

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Hours of play with the magic AquaBook from Draw'n Drop!

The Magical AquaBook is a fun book that will keep kids entertained and coloring in all new ways for hours on end. The concept is simple: the pages of the book are revealed in contact with water! Kids can have fun exploring hidden, vibrant designs and stimulating their creativity. The Magical AquaBook stimulates children's interest and imagination and keeps them away from blue light from screens.

A great aid for learning colors

Our AquaBook magic is also an invaluable tool for learning and recognition of colors. Children can practice drawing while discovering the associated colors. This exercise is beneficial for their cognitive development and also the development of their motor skills.The aquabook is a fun activity, which can be practiced with the whole family or with friends!

Easy to use for children

Our aquabook is easy to use and can be taken anywhere with you, making it an ideal companion for travel, outings or nights out with friends. The aquabook is also reusable infinitely: just fill the included pen with water, color the pages of the book and wait a few minutes for drawings appear. Once the water dries up, the pages will turn white again and can be used again!

The benefits of Aquabook:

  • Carry anywhere
  • Water quick dry
  • Non-messy and convenient coloring
  • Flow moderate water